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Flirthubb FAQ

Q: How do I find people on Flirthubb?
A: Go to the "People near me tab" browse the list and select a mate that stands out from the crowd.
If you like some one you see, click on thier profile.

Q: My location says I'm from somewhere I'm not, what do I do?
A: Go to your profile and edit your settings via the about me tab, you will be able to set your new or correct location, plus change other personal settings.

Q: Do you have a Native application for my phone?
A: At Flirthubb we are constantly creating news apps for a variaty of handsets, to see all of our applications please go to the downloads section on our website.

Q: How do I get live tech support?
A: When you first log into your Flirthubb account you will notice that Flirthubb sends you an instant message and is automatically your "SYSOP" on your new profile. Simply send a message back to the Flirthubb user if your have any problems or hassels relating to abuse or technical problems.

Q: How can I get more exposure on Flirthubb?
A: In short the more complete your profile is the easier it will be for other people to find you. To make this process easier the most important things to have in your profile are; A recent photo of yourself, clearly displaying your appearance as well as your correct and current location. These are the 2 factors that our search algorithm prioritizes over incomplete profiles to ensure that everyone receives the ultimate dating experience!

Q: Can I use Flirthubb to find a husband or wife?
A: Yes, its proven that meeting your husband or wife online actually betters your chances of a successful life together. :) - 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S met via social media.

Q: Is Flirthubb available in my country?
A: Yes Flirthubb is available in all countries, all towns, all nations....even the small ones. EVERYWHERE!

Q: Sounds great! How much does is cost?
A: As advertised Flirthubb is 100% FREE!


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Features include:

* Chat anonymously

* Rate other users profiles

* Send messages to online or offline users

* Message notifications

* Geo location based

* Broadcast messages to other users

* Blocking of unwanted users from your profile

* Connect with new friends or potential partners easily

* Quick search and refine results for accuracy

* Personalise, update and edit your profile

* Invite / Introduce your friends or potential partners

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